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HomeGreen Ontario Fund
Home Green Ontario Fund
Green Ontario Fund
GreenOn $5,000 Window Rebate!
Upgrade your existing residential windows to new Energy Star® Most Efficient Windows and Get a GreenON Rebate up to $5,000.

Through the Green Ontario Fund, consumers can get a rebate of $500 per window opening to a maximum of $5,000 for replacing your existing windows. Conditions apply, see www.greenon.ca.

The benefits of upgrading to Energy Star® Most Efficient Windows:
Rebate of up to $5,000. Improve the comfort and value of your home. Save on reduced energy and help fight climate change. Enhance the beauty of your home with new windows.
Qualifying Windows:
To qualify for the GreenON window rebate, high performance replacement windows must be: Energy Star® Most Efficient Models. U-Factor at or below 4 W/m2-K, or 0.25 Btu/h-ft2-F. Climate Zone 3 rated
How It Works:
GreenON makes it easy and affordable for you to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort and value of your home with new energy efficient windows.
Let LF Builders show you how – we’ll take care of the rebate process and paperwork for you:
Schedule a Free Consultation and Quote – we’ll help you select the right qualifying windows and explain the program in detail. LF Builders will complete the GreenON rebate application for you. You review and confirm the application, and submit it with your proof of purchase.

Your rebate will arrive in the mail in 8-12 weeks.

For GreenON program terms and conditions visit www.greenon.ca

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