Waterproofing in Toronto & Kitchener

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LF Builders provides the best Waterproofing in Toronto, Kitchener and Waterloo at affordable cost. We will make your home a beautiful place!

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Waterproofing in Toronto & Kitchener

Is there Mold, Mildew, or Water in Your Basement?

We provide real solutions to eliminate damp, musty, wet basements and crawlspaces. We are a waterproofing company that not only repairs your basement, but provides the homeowner with education on how they can use preventive measures to minimize having a wet basement. Do you need basement waterproofing in Toronto? Call us for any waterproofing services in Toronto and Kitchener.

Waterproofing in Toronto & Kitchener

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We provide quality work that lasts for years. By using durable materials and proven building practices we haven’t experience complaints from any of our clients.

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